My dream job

When I imagine what my dream job would be, I picture something that doesn't yet exist. I honestly don't even know what to call it. I do know what qualities my dream job has:

Qualities of my dream job

  • Freedom to choose what I work on. I want to be able to work on anything at any time.
  • Ownership proportial to my contribution (literally, I want shares).
  • No managers. I don't want to manage anyone, nor do I want a manager.
  • Consistent paycheck, like a normal job.

Even at the best tech companies, there are no positions that have those qualities. Oh and I forgot one other thing: I want everyone I work with to have a job with the same qualities.

So, is this dream job even possible?

That's what my team is working on building. We're creating the platform to support the first three bullet points above. As for the last one: My dream is that the company we build together can provide that, too.

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